about aniruddha

Aniruddha Puranik is one of such passionate photographers who have amassed several achievements in photography. He started his career at a young age of 22.

Aniruddha not only makes a valued team member but also a good leader. May it be clicking photographs of mouthwatering dishes or featuring any product or people or may it be sweet moments to cherish, he brings character to every photograph.

Extensive Work Experience

Aniruddha has an extensive work experience in the field of photography with a specialization in food photography and has been a part of several photo shoots for high profile events. He was the photographer for the 
“Great Food Show ”
 organized by BBC in Mumbai.

Another feather in his hat was assisting in the project Sagar Mala initiated by our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, aimed towards modernizing India's ports. He assisted in the project by shooting coastal highway pictures along with the PWD. Another noteworthy landmark in his career was doing the cinematography for Vishal Dadlani’s song album at Goa. Apart from such high profile professional projects, he also offers photography services for private events. He has learned basic cinematography and camera handling skills under Professor A.S. KANAL. Under his proprietary firm,

Salt & Pepper Studios, Aniruddha offers specialized food photography services.


Aniruddha has won several photography awards, notable amongst which is the appreciation award he received from the FTII Pune, for his participation in producing daily bulletin during the first “National Student's Film Award and Student's Film Festival of India”. He received the Dean's award during the final year's convocation, along with the Best Food Photography award at Girish Mistri’s Shari Academy, Mumbai.

Aniruddha got featured in India's no. 1 imaging magzine Smart Photography. That was the food photography special profiles from India. He got featured as one of the 4.

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He thinks that to succeed in the field of photography, it is essential that one has a clear understanding of clients’ creative needs. Photography being a creative field, interactive discussion with the clients to specifically understand their expectations is the key factor in the success of a photographer’s career. 

When you hand over your project to Aniruddha, you can be rest assured that your creative needs are well understood through friendly interactive sessions. He maintains a disciplined and punctual workflow to deliver the best photography services. Having worked with best professionals in the field has enriched his experience as well as creativity. The most valued quality in him is his excellent communication skills that help clients convey their specific requirements in efficient way.

Meet him over a cup of coffee to discuss your requirement in details and he would be glad to assist you and offer his expertise.