It would not be off the mark to say that we eat with our eyes first. Apart from the recipe that makes the food savory, a lot of importance is also given to various textures, colorful dressings and overall presentation of food to make it appealing not only to the taste buds but also to the eyes.

Aniruddha Puranik offers his expertise in food photography, to make bring out alive the flavors in the food through visually appealing photographs. His skills in composition and perspective indeed liven up the photographs.

The use of different lights and incorporation of shadows in the pictures, reveal the subtle textures. Precise lighting technique is another strong point that helps reflect the various colour combinations and contrasts in the food. Minimal post processing and retouching for the clicked pictures speaks volumes about the photography skills of this young man. One of his achievements has been shooting pictures for ‘The Great Food Show’ organized by BBC in Mumbai.


Photographers consider capturing photographs of vehicle more like a science. It is necessary to understand the vehicles, the design the manufacturer wants to boast of and then capture the beauty of the model. The photograph should look visually appealing and make an immediate aesthetic first impression over the customer.

Photographs of an automobile should make the customers feel at awe of the intricate contours and immaculate details that the manufacturer has tried to produce. An efficient sense of lighting makes the perfect setting for the play of light and shadow, which makes the vehicle look bold and impressive.

Aniruddha Puranik knows how to exactly capture these effects in his photographs. He is an expert in creating compositions and giving an amazingly distinct perspective to his photographs. The creativity with which he captures the automobile in his photographs, brings alive the product as if it were standing right in front of the customers.


Any product today is judged by as much by its aesthetic appeal as by its creativity. The visual appeal of the product is what strikes the first chord in the customers. Replicating the beauty of any product in a photograph while retaining its natural aesthetic value is a skill but rare.

The photograph needs to have a sound understanding of tools and equipment that can enhance the beauty of the product and make it more appealing to the customers. Aniruddha, through years of professional experience, has acquired all these necessary skills that make sure the product looks its best when photographed. For the intricate details of the product to be clearly visible and to preserve the beauty of the product it is essential to use suitable lighting techniques.

He is well-skilled in this art and also an expert with several photo enhancement techniques. Yet, he recommends that the photo be kept as natural as possible with minimal photo enhancements to retain its originality and natural beauty. His controlled and creative approach towards understanding the client requirements is reflected in his photographs.


E-commerce industry has been growing rapidly over the years and attracting many customers. The real key to the success in this industry is the ability to fascinate customers with attractive product imagery and a professional workflow. The products displayed on the websites need to look attractive and appeal instantly to the visual tastes of customers.

Aniruddha’s understanding of client’s requirements coupled with his photography expertise, which he has acquired over the years of experience, certainly gives him the edge in this industry. He possesses technical skills that help him bring out the best in his products through photographs. Apart from his natural ability to capture most beautiful moments, he is adept at different high-end technical tools and equipment. Using these skills he produces highly imaginative and visually attractive products that are instantly liked.